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Meditation Buddha Medium 30cm

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Beautiful Solid Hand Carved Acacia Wood Solid Hand Carved 40cm Meditation Buddha.

Hand carved to a very highly detailed high quality this hand carved Chinese Buddha will take pride of place in any home and look great in any room of the house,from living room to bedroom,A truly unique one of a kind piece of art and due its its unique nature a definite conversation piece.

Hand position: This gesture is also peculiar to the sitting position only. In this Mudra both the hands in the lap, with the back of the right hand resting on the palm of the left hand with fingers extended. In many statues the thumbs of both hands are shown touching at the tips, thus forming a mystic triangle.

Significance: This gesture has been used by yogis for meditation and concentration. It also signifies attainment of spiritual perfection. The Mudra was used by Buddha during the final meditation under the 'bodhi tree.'

Acacia wood is a fast growing and durable hard wood found primarily in Australia, but present throughout the Far East and South America. It’s perfect for creating carvings such as these owing to its varied, soft colour and thin grain, as well as its ease in replacing as a sustainable source.

Acacia seeds are often used for food and a variety of other products.

In Burma, Laos, and Thailand, the feathery shoots of Acacia pennata are used in soups, curries, omelettes, and stir-fries.

This item is handcarved a created to a high standard and with great care and attention to detail which in turn produces a beautiful unique piece of art especially considering they have been carved using only basic hand tools

Due to the nature of the wood each carving will be different,whether it be the grain,colour or overall shape so each one is unique.

 Please Note the item in the picture is a stock photograph item will vary slightly due to the unique nature of these pieces,as every single piece of wood is different.

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*please note due to the nature of these hand carved products each item is totally unique as every single piece of wood is unique whether it be size,shape,thickness or coloration therefore size and weight of the products given in this auction is Approximate as stated*

Size of product and dimensions given are approx and are from the highest and longest point to point.

Height 30cm/12.00 Inches (Approx Measurement)
Width 25cm/10.00 Inches (Approx Measurement)
Depth 12cm/5.00 Inches (Approx Measurement)
Weight of Item 2.20kg/4.85lb (Approx)



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